Information vs The World

As what I have shared in my previous post relating to Health Informatics, data today is as free as the air we breathe in. But these available data around us can only be considered credible and valuable, if good governance of information is practiced – especially in handling and processing of it. To understand more about how good governance is needed in implementation of a project and use of data, let’s take CHITS for example

CHITS or Community Health Information Tracking System is a UNICEF funded project implemented by UPM NTHC aiming to provide real time monitoring of key maternal and child and governance indicators through the use of ICT or Internet and Communications Technology. It’s a free an open source software electronic health record for local government health center in the Philippines – helping local chief executives create sound and evidence-based decision on how to improve the health outcomes in their local community.

CHITS components include Governance – in which the Municipal Mayor favors the implementation and communication of the project in Rural Health Unit. There are also areas wherein ordinance is mandated for RHU to use CHITS. Legislation, policy, and compliance – Philhealth has approved and has given accreditation to the use of CHITS in RHU. Standards and interoperability  – since CHITS uses Internation Coding of Diseases, and the concepts and definition of terms are aligned in the existing data dictionary of DOH. CHITs also follow what is required for the Philippine Health Information Exchange. Strategy and Investment – funding made in the implementation of CHITS are from DOST and UNICEF. Infrastructure – CHITS perhaps is one of the most cost effective project since it requires minimal infrastructure need. It works using LAN connection, and internet connectivity is not even required for this to function. Human Resource – trainings are being provided in RHU to the health staff and some IT experts on the use of CHITS. e-Health Resolution – and the most important component of CHITs is that it generates eHealth reports, electronic medical records.

The promises of the outcomes of health informatics are great to begin with, but there are a lot of ideas out there that are in need of good governance. Good governance serves the backbone on how information should be treated, especially in Heath Informatics perspective, for e-healthcare services in the country be effective.

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