Hidden Paradise

Two hours away from the mainland of Vinzons, Camarines Norte, there is this hidden paradise you will discover in the middle of the ocean. This is one thing my college friends and I are always excited about because we annually try to travel together amidst all our crazy schedules having to pursue different careers after college.

Interestingly, Calaguas Island became really more popular this summer, and I’m quite surprised with how many the visitors were there given that our visit was in the latter part of summer already. With its’ white, pristine, fine sand, and absolutely clear water, you definitely will not mind almost half a day of land travel, and you would wish to come back in this secret paradise, and take your break from the grays of the city. And my favorite part from the trip, it gives you a break from internet and social media – because cellular signal is not available in the island!

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Getting this weekend getaway is very easy, since there are a lot of local travel agencies who can accommodate you to reach this island. From van rental and boat ride, you wouldn’t have to worry with almost everything – even your food and tent, they will take care of it. (That’s right! You will really have to stay in a tent, but if you wish to stay indoors you can check out Waling-waling). Food that they serve are prepared by the locals, and they are mostly seafood, so if you have food allergy like me (crustaceans), be prepared with your meds so you can also enjoy the fresh food they serve.

Since it was my friend’s vacation that time, he was the one who booked us a tour from Zero Two Travel. This travel agency offers the cheapest, yet gives the best service so far. They really made our three days and two nights stay one of the best summer escape! Zero Two Travel offers two days and one night stay as well. They also gave us a side trip surfing to Bagasbas Beach of Daet, Camarines Norte which wrapped up the the fun weekend trip.

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