It’s been three years since I flew back to my parent’s humble hometown.

Aside from it’s known to be the Marble Capital of the Philippines, and its’ secret gorgeous beaches, what I really love about Romblon are the happy people living there. I love how Romblon gives me the feeling of “tahanan”, although I was born and raised in the city. It’s always this place I feel like I can run to whenever life calls for an urgent pause. It’s my perfect home for meditation, and reflection.



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With it’s tranquil beauty, and hidden paradise, my stay in Romblon is always worthwhile. Coming home would usually mean there’s a family a gathering, or an urgent event we have to attend to; but Romblon’s arms are always open to welcome me home whenever I just feel like taking a break.

I always opt to travel Romblon via 2Go from port of Batangas, because they have excellent customer service, and the ferry is bigger and very clean. Also, aside from the fact that traveling via ferry is cheaper, I love staying in their open bar area while feeling the salty breeze, and watching the waves of the sea. Albeit travel time would be so much longer since I still have to take a bus travel from Manila to Batangas, plus the 8-10 hours of ferry ride from Batangas to Romblon, I always make sure I bring a book in hand to keep me sane.

The Province of Romblon is a group of several beautiful islands, and has three major islands (Romblon, Tablas, and Sibuyan). My family is from Tablas Island, exactly where the port of ferries are located which they call Odiongan. There’s an hour road travel from Odiongan to my mom’s town, Alcantara, which is my most favorite part of the trip. We used to take this very unusually long jeepney whenever there’s no car to pick us up from the port, and this jeepney will be packed with very joyful passengers, and even the roof of the jeepney has passengers – which only, I guess, happens in the Philippines! Although risky, I’d love to try that in my next travel to Romblon.

My favorite go-to resort near our town Alcantara is Aglicay Beach ResortWith its’ white sand, and clear water, Grean and Nayeli definitely enjoyed their beach trip. There are so many things to do as well in the resort – or even in Romblon in general, and what I enjoy most doing is climbing up for a short hike, and catch a bird’s eyeview of our beautiful hometown.

From where sit when I started writing this, I can see the sea sweeping in and out of the shore, and it’s just a perfect day away with my family, yet still feeling home.


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