Mui Ne, Vietnam

Here we begin a fast forwarded dream to a Southeast Asian tour.

It was around 1am of April 1st when we arrived in Vietnam – timely to one of my most hated day of the year, when people pull silly pranks on you, because I have always been that trusting and gullible friend. I wished Vietnam was just pulling a prank on us learning that buses aren’t available at the time we arrived, but Vietnam wasn’t kidding about that. So we all decided to take a rest in the airport while we tried to patiently wait. But of course, time is ticking and we all grew impatient after a while. After asking around, we learned there are other options we can actually take going to Mui Ne, so we decided to take the risk of leaving the airport, step outside, and was immediately swarmed by men. “Nice car. Big. For Rent. Going where?”  We rented a private car. It was around another 4 hours of travel from Saigon, 4 hours of sketchy ride with this man who was having a hard time communicating with us. Believe me. I am amazed of how good we are with the English language. Since we were all tired, and it was actually sleeping hours for everyone, we all fell asleep in the car. Very soundly. By the time we arrived in Mui Ne, we realized we lost a million dong. Mommy told me pointing fingers is never good, so I just wished that what happened was only a prank, and we all moved forward from that.

It wasn’t a very nice welcome. It’s a lesson learned for us.

I have actually never heard of Mui Ne, or have seen photos of Mui Ne before, so I have no idea of what to expect. Until I saw it first hand how beautiful it is. It is a perfect example of finding a gem in a desert. Well literally, there is a desert, too. And I guess, traveling to Mui Ne was worthy, still, of losing that million dong. (Help me as I still try to convince myself as I write this)

It’s a very humble town in the Bin Thuan Province of Vientam, which is very popular for their fresh seafood, and beaches. A good summer vacation for me is never complete without the sight of salt water, and Mui Ne was just so right for that.

I’m surprised that apart from relaxing in the beach, and enjoying fresh seafood, there are actually a lot of other activities you can do in Mui Ne. Biking is also popular in this small town, and not taking a package tour in visiting fairy stream, sand dunes, and the fishing village would be a sin.

There are countless of places where you can stay in Mui Ne, and they are actually relatively cheap. Mui Ne is one of those curious little parts of the world, and is very easy to love even for a very short stay. Staying for a while really did not do much justice, and I wish to come back soon.

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