Peak of the South Queen


Coming back to Cebu for the second time this year was an unexpected event; if it was not for the life’s best work that I do, I would not be in the city again that very soon. The first time I visited the Queen City of the South, I already fell in love with its’ beauty; although the first visit was just short and just around the busy city, which is almost similar with Manila – especially with traffic  – but cleaner and more cozy, and it gives you that Hong Kong feeling, not because of the huge population of Chinese and Koreans around, but the mix of mountains and tall buildings. And you can actually do a lot of things in the city too!

But this time, my life’s best work gave me a different experience of the Queen City of the South. Staying in Cebu for almost a month was quite of a challenge, especially that I was alone, and have not been quite away from home that long. My melodramatic story and life realisation of being away alone for quite some time will be shared in a different post. As much as I wanted to roam around Cebu, my reason for coming there was actually for work, and my week was sadly pre-occupied with it, except for Sundays – which I also devoted in doing homework for graduate school. But I had this one free Sunday when I decided to go down south and check out the beauty everyone was buzzing about.

Initially, the plan was to go whale shark watching in Oslob, but I failed to do one important thing, at least, before doing something spontaneous. Research. I was not aware that whale shark watching in Oslob is only until 12 noon, and traveling from City down south will eat more than 4 hours of your time. I left city at around 9 in the morning, which was the second mistake (best time according to my friends is at 3 or 4am), but not all mistakes lead to a bad memory, since, luckily, on the way down south, there are other tourist spots you can actually check out. So, I decided to just go down in Dalaguete, Cebu, and climb Osmena Peak.

Peak of the South Queen gives you nothing but the surreal feeling. And it is not a difficult climb at all since you will be taking a motorcycle ride (habal-habal) from the start point which was only for 200php for roundtrip – I guess this might be the only challenge for some because it’s a 20-30 minute ride up the mountains. Peak was quite populated with local tourists, maybe because it was a Sunday when I did my climb, but the long drive, and the experience was worth it when you get a glimpse of southern Cebu.

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