Saigon, Too Soon

It has been a whirlwind of activities since we landed in Vietnam. Touring around with a very limited time felt like we were in some sort of a TV show like The Amazing Race. It was fun and exciting at first, but I have always wished I could just sit down and people watch on top of a building, or a bridge.

We left Mui Ne at midnight, and it was still dark when we landed Saigon. Since we were pressed for time, we opted moving from one place to another during sleeping time. If you are not comfortable sleeping in moving vehicles, I suggest you don’t do this because, surely, you will be starting your day with a terrible headache. And we all don’t like to be around a grumpy traveler. I think sleeping while on the road at night was a wise decision. We were all used to sleeping anywhere, and anytime anyway, but the only downside of the traveling at night by land is that you barely get a sight of anything on the road. Of course, it’s dark. But at least sleeper buses have unbelievably fast and free wifi.

Ho Chi Minh City is commonly known as Saigon. Although Vietnam War only concluded around 35 years ago, Vietnam’s resilience is just amazing. Vietnam still looked stunningly beautiful. And it felt right to me. There are so many things to love about Vietnam, but what was so dear to me was their authentic Pho, and their incredibly cheap and good strong coffee, ready to give you that caffeine fuel. And it’s everywhere!

I have never been to Ho Chi Minh, and it was my first time but the city actually felt so familiar. When the sun rose while we waited outside, I cannot stop thinking about how I get another morning. The weather’s humidity, people’s faces, and the streets are very much like Manila. It’s strange to remember that the familiarity felt like home, when you were completely aware you’re not home.

Sometimes, I don’t understand how you find home in a stranger land. I know it was too soon to say that, because I knew, too, I’d be leaving so soon.

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