Singapore Weekend

A few days ago, I found myself walking in the streets of Singapore. Being the planner type myself, the short and sudden visit was kind of frustrating. If it was not for my sister, I will not be boarding that morning flight to Lion City.

Although she shouldered my ticket flying to Singapore, I literally only had 2 days to plan and settle everything, and even look for a place to stay in. The trip just came out of nowhere, and one Wednesday morning my mom just told me I’m flying with my sister before she leaves for good to work. Fortunately, we have a family in Singapore who were more than willing to help us find a host for the weekend, and I have my good friend Byron who is currently working as a landscape architect in Singapore, and showed me around to calm down the obsessive planner person in me. If it wasn’t for them, I might have already went cray.

Or at least that’s what I thought while writing this.

They say that the things we do unplanned more often than not turn out to be a great memory to keep, and that quick weekend in Singapore was absolutely unforgettable. Since the trip was really unplanned, and my sister only stayed for a few hours with me before she flew to Dubai, I was literally left with no budget for almost anything, so Byron and I went to discovering beautiful, and non-cliche places where transportation and food are the only things we have to spent pennies on. He took me to places that offer cheap and authentic asian food! What I like about Singapore is how multicultural they are, not just in terms of arts, but food diversity is touted as a reason for you to visit and stay longer in Singapore. You get a taste of China, Malaysia, India, and Thailand in one small, and beautiful country. I wish I could post photos here in this blog of all the food I had in Singapore, but in most occasion when we were about to eat, I was too excited (and too hungry, because I’m always almost too excited) to eat than spend another good five minutes to flat lay them and get that photogenic instagram shot. Food was absolutely fantastic (especially chicken rice, and the dry noodles I’ve tried), and it is definitely something to look forward to in the next visit!

But more than the stunning infrastructures, diverse culture, and hybridized cuisine, the quality time of reconnecting with a good old friend, and my cousin Paul from my dad’s side was the very highlight of this unplanned “trip”. It is very rare of me to have such deep and meaningful conversation with my family. Growing up in Manila, it has secluded me from most of cousins from both sides of my parents – with my mom’s mostly in the east coast or in our province, Romblon, and my dad’s in the west coast. It has been always easier for me to open up to my friends or strangers, as I feel that there is a less of a concern about what they will think of me. After a few bottles of red wine, unsure if it was courage or alcohol that began speaking, slowly, I began breaking down my walls, and started sharing to Paul. Our conversation helped me even more in relieving myself from a perpetual plight and perplexity. It has brought me to realization that when you open yourself wider and expose it much to world, you don’t just get validation and acceptance from others, but you get to embrace yourself even more.

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